The leading independent distributor of electronic components in Italy.

A range of over 50,000 articles meeting the needs of our customers with a fast and effective service.

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An entire world of professional electronics

For the past 70 years, Melchioni has represented a benchmark for quality and experience in the electronics industry, distributing prestigious brands in Italy and abroad, with thousands of products for a range of different market requirements.

Professional security systems

The Security Channel is the starting point for a "Division specialization". The Channel offers a complete range of CCTV, intrusion prevention and home automation implementation solutions and products.

Smart Solutions

The division devoted to the achievement of greater energy efficiency that focuses on LED lighting and electric energy production through renewable sources.

Melchioni Smart Solutions provides customers with a contractually guaranteed range of integrated energy services, to build and manage energy saving measures, consumption optimization and cost reduction.

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New division dedicated to air conditioning systems for special vehicles.

Design, manufacture and assembly of heating and air conditioning systems for special vehicles including earth-moving machines, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, military equipment, public and private transport vehicles.

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Private Label

Today's customers expect expertise, strict selection of suppliers, constant quality controls on supplies, and quick time-to-market. With its PRIVATE LABEL solution, Melchioni has been able to anticipate the needs of its customers by creating a lean and agile structure focussed on research, analysis, verification and rapid launch to market of custom products. Our product line managers are experts in their fields, able to identify and meet the requirements of their customers, sensing without hesitation how to place the right product in the right market at the right time.

Our clients

Our five divisions serve a varied and wide-ranging clientele, from large retailers, home electronics specialists, resellers, repairers, installers who continue to choose and rely on Melchioni for car systems, professional electronics, hardware, power tools, etc. At the industrial level, Melchioni serves large and medium enterprises, the automotive industry, the household appliances and telecommunication sectors, as well as many other companies depending on electronic components every single day.