Melchioni: new challenges and strategies

by Armando Melchioni, Honorary President

The market we are operating in is changing significantly. This situation has been motivating us to reconfigure our organisation, strategies, and goals.

2018 ended with excellent results in terms of turnover.

2019 will be remembered as the turning point for Melchioni S.p.A.

The many changes we are implementing will provide our group with all the tools required to take the Melchioni brand to more sophisticated markets.

The Melchioni Electronic Components division has been known over the years as Italy’s first Independent Distributor of Electronic Components for the industry. With Melchioni Ready – Italy’s first e-commerce of industrial components – we aim at becoming a leading international online distributor.

Melchioni Ready is managed by experienced people and is operating in a sector that is new for us. This is making us look into the future with much more confidence.

In 70 years, Melchioni has taken on numerous challenges and changed strategies to be always in line with the market.