Melchioni Group looks into the future with new goals and projects.

Mario Melchioni President and CEO

We have built our future, brick after brick.

We have been achieving ambitious goals for over 70 years. And today, we are what we are thanks to them.

Melchioni couldn’t have written its story without the talented people who believed they were creating something unique.

We have taken on all the challenges with enthusiasm, never giving up in spite of difficulties. 

How do we manage to win a challenge? 

We ask ourselves whether our actions, strategies and goals are working. If the answer is no, we don’t hesitate to change them! 

We transform something static into something dynamic.

We transform a structural constraint into an opportunity.

This is what it takes to succeed.

Melchioni has made change their winning weapon.

Change can be scary, but sometimes you have no choice.

The world is changing fast together with its rules, tools and needs. 

Change is the beginning of a new path. That’s why we have to embrace these changes with enthusiasm.

To keep pursuing the goals set in 2019, we need to make a few changes to our structure, tools and work.

We ended 2019 with major variations at a management level and strategic transformations that will significantly impact our warehouse and IT services.

Change is now.

Mario Melchioni
President and CEO