2019: MELCHIONI: a new international business. Many challenges and opportunities

by Mario Melchioni, President and CEO

2017 and 2018 have been vitally-important years for Melchioni. There have been many challenges which have been addressed with enthusiasm and courage across our divisions, and there has been much investment. It is now time to reap the fruits of our labours. The work carried out by the Melchioni Electronic Components division has been of significant scale and ambition during these last years: this has delivered +40% in Comprel’s results, net revenue growth for the division and new sales offices open in Tunisia and Poland. But in the words of Domenico Moretti, every year brings fresh challenges. 2019 will be the year when Melchioni Electronic Components starts in pole position, particularly since the sales network is ready and raring to go. The market still appears healthy and in growth, with prices increasing. 2019 will also be a critical year for Melchioni Motion which has grown its presence in France, Germany, Turkey and the USA, and also in Russia where it has signed distribution agreements with Geomir, the Moscow-based market leader. Major investments in the agricultural machinery sector. Italy is strategically placed for market penetration into Russia, Germany, Belarus, China and the United States for this sector. To become even more competitive, Melchioni Motion has opened its business up to new channels like campervans, boats and trains. Melchioni: a new international business. Some of the areas in development include new websites for every division; greater focus on marketing and brand identity in particular; and a large-scale upweighting and updating of B2B marketing to support the Melchioni Professional Electronics division, which is increasingly at the forefront of product families such as lead and lithium batteries, lighting, power supplies, satellite technology, electrical materials, heating, ventilation, welding and instrumentation.