Palo Alto Firewalls for Melchioni. A new success story.

The IT division concluded a series of projects aimed at improving IT performance and security


The pandemic we are experiencing has brought about a major change in the way we work all over the world. Smart working has become the norm. For organisations this has created consequent structural and instrumental changes. There is no longer a desk in an office with a phone, a desktop PC, etc. Everything must be mobile; the office, the desk and the phone are all encompassed within a notebook and a smartphone. Companies also immediately had to deal with communications and data security issues, and Internet traffic providers had to handle an estimated 40% increase in Internet traffic, which is also unprecedented when it comes to geography and timing.

Melchioni was immediately ready to effectively manage this change and to initiate smart working for all employees in a very short span of  time, allowing everyone to do their work from home. In parallel, the IT division concluded a series of projects aimed at improving IT performance and security in preparation for a major change in the ERP that will take place starting next year.

The Melchioni IT team, headed by IT Manager Corrado Malgioglio for  analysis and design, along with System and Network Administrator Stefano Fedele for design and installation, carried out the installation of two new Palo Alto (the world market leader) Firewalls to increase the communications security and reliability of the entire Melchioni infrastructure.

The Melchioni IT team collaborated with DI.GI. International S.p.A. (a company partner over the years for technologically advanced projects) for the analysis of all of the specifications of the installation of the two new firewalls. Palo Alto was found to be the best solution on the market.

The provider selection had to take into account the complexity of Melchioni communications, the large number of VPN users, the connections between the various locations, the traffic analysis, the current firewall rules, etc., 

This synergy, along with careful design and initial validation, has resulted in a Melchioni success story, which was immediately evident from the very beginning by the absence of disservice at the company.