Be the change!

Ermanno Maffè, the new General Manager

Distribution is an ever-evolving sector bound to take on new challenges in the future. 
After launching a new e-commerce platform and renovating the Professional Electronics division while developing Melchioni Ready, Melchioni Group is now reorganising its Electronics and Motion divisions. 
The new IT system that will be introduced soon and the need to expand our business in Italy and abroad have inspired the Group’s reorganisation to reap the benefits of the past, present and future investments. 
To ride this wave of change, Ermanno Maffè has joined Melchioni S.p.A.’s team as the General Manager. Ermanno will bring his expertise and experience to manage this period of growth and reorganisation at all levels and lead Melchioni Group towards new, successful projects. 
The proverbial enthusiasm and adaptation skills of Melchioni’s staff will help boost this process.

Mario Melchioni, President & CEO