2019: a new beginning

by Domenico Moretti, Director of the Electronic Components Division

Every year brings fresh challenges. Targets which are more and more ambitious. Some will say that this is just life, but 2019 represents a new year and a new beginning for us. A year in which the sacrifices made to fund investments will end, and all the efforts made to reach break-even in France and Spain will simply be a memory. 2019 will be the year when we start in pole position, ready for a new and exciting journey with new and thrilling challenges. The market is still healthy and in growth, prices are increasing and there is still a shortage of many components. After 3 years of partnership with Comprel during which time growth was +40% ahead of the market, 2019 also looks set to bring a significant rise in revenue - doubtless helped by the ongoing uncertainty in the marketplace regarding component availability. The launch of fifth generation smartphones will only accentuate the existing distribution problems. The next step is close at hand. We are only 4 or 5 years from the widespread adoption of electric cars, and this will put the teams in our newly-purchased offices to the test as they have to deal with unprecedented lead times. All factors combined make us more than moderately optimistic, and if the political environment is favourable we could anticipate years of strong growth in the electronic market at a global level, and at a smaller scale in the Southern European market.