Restyling is the operative word

by Cristian Giudici, Director of the Professional Electronics Division

The Professional Electronics Division is riding the wave of the constant evolution and changes within the Retail market by developing innovations which may at times anticipate the market itself. For 2019 we have set significant targets to ensure further improvements to our business. The focus will shift to the quality of products and services offered which will entail some radical changes of suppliers, better control of our product cycles and increased production facility inspections. We will create new B2B functionalities to make it more usable and effective for our customers. As we now live in a Millenial-dominated world, this has to be accompanied by a fresh and innovative communications campaign, which includes new product packaging, new catalogues and new brochures, and which will be shared on the main social networks used by the Professional Electronic Division: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on. In order to get ever closer to our customers and our end consumers, we have set up a single helpline number for all enquiries (such as queries about the new range of chronothermostats) We will focus on our key product families: Lead and lithium batteries, lighting, PEDs, power supplies, satellite technology, electrical materials and CCTV, and also on seasonal products such as heating, air conditioning, welding and equipment. Last but not least, the final objective will be to reduce the number of lines from 12,000 to 8000 which will create greater vertical integration and range specialisation. We have already made good progress and will remain focused on staying competitive and achieving the position we deserve.