New product ranges. The LED lighting sector is key

by Dimitri De Gaetano, Purchasing & Marketing Manager Professional Electronics Division

The Professional Electronics Division maintains its strategic focus on updating our product range with the aim of responding to and anticipating market evolutions as far as possible. This will ensure we remain the ideal partner for all electronics industry professionals. The new 2018/19 general catalogue presents the main product families along with the newest launches. The battery product range is the focus for the Division, comprising both rechargeable batteries using VRLA AGM lead, and newly-launched lithium batteries which are growing in terms of distribution and usage potential. Other key ranges are antennae (antennae/decoders and accessories) and power supply equipment, both of which have expanded to include many new products. Other than the general catalogue, Melchioni continues to invest in the LED Lighting sector, which is considered a strategic priority for the Professional Electronics Division. The new catalogue shares highly-important innovations for the professional installation sector (external and industrial floodlights) and for decorative purposes (LED strips and edging), which are both sectors where Melchioni has a strong market presence. The external floodlight range “HTP” is distinguished from other similar LED projectors already available on the market by some special characteristics, notably: • A rapid connection box which guarantees higher quality and safety during installation, greatly reducing the time required • An internal ventilation system with an anticondensation valve to avoid any moisture gathering and stagnating inside the product, particularly in extreme temperature conditions. In addition to this are factors such as its high efficiency (equal to 100lm/watt), a full product range which starts from 10W models up to 200W in the same product family, and the high quality of the components which allow the floodlights work continuously.

Trademarks: the commercial proposal is identified and is based on the two historical brands of the division: MKC and ZODIAC. The logic of brand awareness is a fundamental requirement in the completion of the company offer, and for this reason Melchioni is investing in the enhancement of its historical brands. In particular, we wanted to give a further focus on the MKC brand, the object of a deep restyling and its declination on the different ranges that it embraces to highlight the importance of the product offer and create that “Family feeling” essential for the best diffusion of the brand.