A 45-year partnership made to succeed

Melchioni’s partnership with Japanese company ELNA has been successful since 1974.

Melchioni’s partnership with Japanese company ELNA, for which they distribute and promote products in Italy and Europe, has been successful since 1974. Year after year, they have been growing together, achieving increasingly ambitious goals.  Today, they are major manufacturers of components for the automotive industry, where high quality and flexibility are essential. Patrizia Zilio – Product Manager and the interface between the two companies – together with smart collaborators and a widespread network of sellers, develops business opportunities, achieving increasingly ambitious growth goals.

Elna is a consolidated company (it was established in 1937). Today, it is at the forefront of the electrolytic and double-layer capacitors industry. Elna is a major player in the Automotive industry with factories in Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. Elna aims at increasing design flexibility and production efficiency while reducing environmental impact. Moreover, it is constantly committed to providing high-quality technology based on environmentally-friendly materials and processes and improving production activities with minimum environmental impact. The company’s philosophy is to work in harmony with the global environment and local communities, taking into consideration every environment-related aspect and the continuous improvement of its business. 

This is why customers choose Elna/Melchioni as the ideal partners for the development of solutions in their applications. 

In terms of sales policy, Elna has always chosen to enter into exclusive partnerships with its distributors. This choice has led to excellent results, thus conquering a significant market share worldwide, in particular in Europe and, thanks to Melchioni, in Southern Europe. These results have made Elna a major player. 

More than 800,000,000 pcs sold in 2018 are an excellent achievement. Over 3,000 clients from various sectors – automotive, security, medical, robotics and home automation systems – ensure the company’s widespread presence and popularity that other brands do not have. 

To bring their products to the Italian market first and then to the rest of Europe, Elna has chosen to collaborate with Melchioni. Established in 1955 by Mario Melchioni, this company has always been ahead of time, foreseeing big changes, anticipating the market and providing products and services suitable for future requirements. In over fifty years, Melchioni has brought the best solutions and the most innovative products in Europe, entering into partnerships with major brands and being a major service distributor and provider, with an eye on the Eastern market. With more than 50,000 items and a turnover of over € 120 million, the Electronics division, run by Domenico Moretti, is today the first Italian independent distributor of electronic components for the Automotive, Industrial, Home Automation, Avionics and Satellite, White Goods and Telecommunications industries.

The number 1 for passive components.
Melchioni S.p.A.